Crypto faucets

Moon Faucets, from Coinpot
Free Litecoin every 5 minutes : Moon Litecoin
Free Bitcoin every 5 minutes : Moon Bitcoin
Free Bitcoin every 15 minutes : Bonus Bitcoin
Make sure to change the claim settings to “always average”

Free BitcoinCash every 5 minutes : Moon BitcoinCash
Free Doge every 5 minutes : Moon Doge
Free Dash every 5 minutes : Moon Dash

All you need to do is make sure you stay on the ‘moon’ website. Those sites are full of annoying ads, that’s how they make money to give to you.
Quickest way to earn some real free money is to click claim on all 6 sites. Your claimed money is send to your Coinpot balance.
On the Coinpot website you need to make an account with the same email address as you used for the faucet websites. Then you have acces to your crypto.
Tip: You can convert it all to one coin (e.g. Litecoin) to get to the minimum required withdraw amount.

,Free money does exist, you only need to find it and that’s why I’m here :)’


Play games and earn crypto

On the following websites you need to make an account and right after that you can start earning by playing games.
The annoying part of all these free crypto websites is the “reCaptcha” thing.. But you have to do something for free money 🙂
Tip: The longer you don’t withdraw, the higher your amount will be.
On this website you earn a interest every day, just by not withdrawing.

Another faucet website where you can claim Litecoin, Doge, DigiByte and a bunch of others.

Another faucet site where you can claim every hour. And play games to collect even more coins!

Fly Faucets.
A bit of a user un-friendly website. Best to join via computer I think.